5th International Conference on Emerging Electronics

Hosted by- Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India


Tutorial 3 : Wide Bandgap Devices

Date: November 25th

"A. Growth and characterization of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures"

Prof. Srinivasan Raghavan, IISc Bangalore

"B. Fabrication and characterization of GaN based HEMTs"

Dr. D.S. Rawal, SSPL, Delhi

"C. SiC based power electronic devices"

Prof. Anant Agarwal, Ohio State University

In an era where energy saving and environment are the key factors deciding the commercial exploitation of a technology, wide band gap (WBG) semiconductors technology shows a way for energy savings through deployment of WBG Power Electronics. In high power and high frequency electronics applications, use of WBG semiconductors enhances the efficiency in electronics beyond the silicon-based devices. WBG based devices have potential application space in automobiles, power generation and distribution, photovoltaics, defence, and space.

One day tutorial on WBG semiconductors materials and device physics is being organised during ICEE 2020. The participants will be exposed to the key concepts in the growth, characterization, and device physics of WBG technology. Application of WBG semiconductors in various fields like automobiles, defence, power generation and distribution etc. will be discussed.

The tutorial will cover material growth (bulk and epitaxial) and characterization of wide band gap semiconductors. Device modelling, fabrication and packaging of high-power high frequency devices based on them. The talks will be given by experts in academia and industry.

Tutorial will broadly cover the following topics:

1. Material growth issues and growth technologies for bulk and epitaxial growth of wide band gap semiconductors such as GaN, SiC and Ga2O3. In addition characterization needs and detailed characterization techniques involved for material evaluation and understanding of defects will be discussed.

2. Device fabrication processes and introduction of device physics for wide band gap semiconductors for applications in Power devices, RF, THz, opto-electronics devices.

3. Introduction to system level integration and optimization of design and thermal management for systems like MMICs, high speed switches, Converters, Inverters etc.

Who Can Attend?

1. Graduate students (ME/MTech/PhD), post-doctoral fellows, and faculty from academic/technical institutions.

2. Any professional working in scientific research or industry working in development and application of power devices.

Prof. Srinivasan Raghavan

IISc Bangalore, India

Dr. D.S. Rawal

SSPL, Delhi, India

Prof. Anant Agarwal

Ohio State University, Columbus