5th International Conference on Emerging Electronics

Hosted by- Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Accepted Abstracts: Poster and Oral presentation
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S.No. Author
Title of Paper Name of Symposia
1. Mr. Hardhyan SheoranTemperature-dependent electrical Characteristics of vertical Ni/Au Schottky diodes on B-Ga2O3 epilayersWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
2. Ms. Ritika KhatriSynthesis of Functionalised Reduced MoS2 Nanostructures for Early Detection of CancerBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
3. Mr. Madan SharmaOptimization of Large-area Exfoliation conditions in H-implanted 4H-SiCWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
4. Mrs. NIKITA JAINFabrication and Characterization of WS2 thin films sensor for hydrogen gas sensing application2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
5. Ms. Shuchi KaushikDeep Ultraviolet Photodetection in Few- Layered h-BN Nanoflakes2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
6. Mr. Ajoyjit GhoshDesign, Installation and Commissioning of an On-grid Rooftop Solar PV Power Plant for Partial Fulfilment of Common LoadPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
7. Ms. DiptiTemperature Tunable Optical transmission by IR based 1-D Photonic crystals of VO2 nanostructuresPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
8. Dr. MONU MISHRAGrowth kinetics of NiO thin films grown by RF-SputteringWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
9. Ms. Minal Rajesh GuptaOptical Properties of Wide Band Gap material: La substituted CeO2WIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
10. Mrs. Barnali PathakStudies on Chemical Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO, PbO and PbO/ZnO Core/Shell.WIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
11. Mr. Paliwal Avinash S.Reactive Ion Etching Optimization for Laser Diode Facet FabricationWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
12. Mr. HimanshuControlling spin pumping through spin-orbit coupling in monolayer TMDs/ Ni80Fe20 heterostructuresSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
13. Mr. Pragyey Kumar KaushikImpact of Surface Trap States on 2-DEG and Barrier Layer Conduction Band in AlGaN/GaN HEMTDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
15. Ms. Damanpreet KaurEffect of swift heavy ion irradiation on gallium oxide thin films and photodetectors thereofWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
16. Mr. Ramshanker NPerformance Enhancement of CeO2 Thin Film Based Oxygen Sensors via TiO2 DopingWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
17. Ms. NisikaEnergy band alignment and nanoscale probing of CZTS/TiO2 heterojunction in Kesterite solar cellsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
18. Mr. Soumyarup HaitTemperature-dependent magnetoresistance in polycrystalline Ni80Fe20 thin film on Si (100)SPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
19. Ms. MARY VIJILA C VLayered mixed tin-lead perovskite for optoelectronic device applications2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
20. Ms. Shubhangi BhardwajAtomic Layer Deposition of Titanium dioxide Thin Films at Ultra-Low Temperature of 50-120 degree C using Titanium tert-butoxide as PrecursorWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
21. Mr. Nitheesh M. NairSimulation assisted flexibility improvement studies for flexible transparent printed touch sensorsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
23. Dr. Packiaraj GEffect of paramagnetic element on dielectric of nano barium hexaferrite prepared by Sol-gel auto combustion method2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
24. Ms. Anamika Ashok Ti3C2Tx MXene with Tunable Properties 2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
26. Mr. Subodh TyagiMATLAB simulation of Thickness and composition of MBE grown Multilayer HgCdTe on GaAs SubstrateDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
27. Mr. Ajit Kumar SahooInvestigation of static properties in amorphous ferrimagnetic system for skyrmionic device applicationsSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
28. Mr. P K MohantyEstimation of Inverter Characteristics with 10nm FinFET ArchitecturesDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
29. Dr. Tuhin MaityA new tool in the toolbox: Vertically aligned nanocomposite for functionality tuning in multiferroicsSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
30. Mr. ShubhamAn Electrothermally controlled and quantum tunneling based microcantilever sensor: A simulation studyMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
31. Ms. Shilpi BoseExploiting Magnetic Properties of Fe3O4 doped 5CB Nematic Liquid CrystalSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
32. Dr.Manisha KhuranaOptical Performance Dependence on Area of Illumination (AoI): A Conceptual Study of TFET based PhototransistorDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
33. Mr. MUNINDRAEvaluation of Graphene FET Model in Quasi-Ballistic Regime for Frequency Doubler Circuit2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
34. Mr. VISHAL SHARMAHigh-K strontium titanate and lanthanum nickelate based epitaxial heterostructures and their structural characterizationEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
35. Mr. Pradeep Kumar KashyapEnhanced Quality Single Layer Graphene Grown by Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition for Fabrication of Quantum Hall Resistance Device2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
36. Mr. sandeep kumarMetallic Spintronic Ultrafast THz Emitters: Tunability through Bi- and Tri-Layers for Intense Broadband THz PulsesRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
37. Ms. Ekta PrajapatiA Home-made Control System for Microfluidic Integrated SystemsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
38. Prof. Priyanka DasMultiband Reflection and Transmission mode Linear to Circular Polarizer integrated Microstrip Patch AntennaRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
39. Mr. RAHULEngineered MoSe2/WSe2 based heterostructures for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
40. Mr. Kurias K MarkoseCrystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells employing MoOx and MgFx selective contactsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
42. Dr. Amrutamayee NayakTCAD Based Reliability Assessment of Recess Gate AlGaN/GaN HEMT with Negative Gate Bias Induced StressWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
43. Dr. Sunil Kumar AroraUnderstanding the phonon scattering mechanisms in 2D MoS2-WS2 heterostructures2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
44. Joshua Mathew, Prof. Madhusudan SinghControllable growth of mono and few-layer MoS22D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
45. Ms. Sonika SinghHigh-Temperature Study of Al0.5Ga0.5N based Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Ultraviolet PhotodetectorWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
46. Ms. Shradha GuptaOn-state Leakage Current Modeling in AlGaN/GaN HEMTWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
47. Mr. Dheeraj KumarFabrication of Sodium Niobate (NaNbO3) Nanorods Coupled with RGO Photoanode for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water SplittingPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
48. Mr. Lalit PandeyOptimization the stoichiometry in topological Bi2Te3 thin films using DC magnetron co-sputteringSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
49. Mr. CHANDAN KUMAR JHAHeavy-Ion Induced Single Event Transients in Sub-7nm Bulk and SOI NSFETsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
50. Dr. Shatrudhan Palsaniya CVD Processed Graphene using Liquid Hydrocarbons as Supercapacitor Electrode 2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
51. Mr. NitishPolymer based memristor as artificial synapse for artificial intelligence devicesEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
52. Mr. VIKAS KASHYAPThe effect on band gap of the n type Semiconducting Nanowires with the variation of etching periodPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
53. Mr. VISHNU AGGARWALLaser assisted MBE growth of GaN nanostructures on a-sapphire for photodetector applicationsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
54. Ms. RUCHI SINGHStructural Study of Sb doped ZnO Thin Film for Optical ApplicationsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
55. Ms. Anju Kumari RSelf-Rectifying Bipolar resistive switching in 2D TiO2 nanosheets thin films2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
56. Mr. Atanu PurkayasthaPhotocurrent Loss Analysis of Series Connected Tandem Solar Cells Based on Hybrid Tin Perovskites, Kesterites, and Semiconducting PolymersDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
57. Dr. Suchismita MitraInvestigation in probing layouts for I-V measurement of Si wafer solar cellsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
58. Mr. RAKESH KUMAR PANDEYSi ion fluence dependence study of surface chemical composition and electrical characteristics on epitaxial GaSbRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
59. Mr. Vikas KumarTHz polarization splitters based on dual core photonic crystal fiberRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
60. Mrs. SWATHY B SASEENDRANOne Step Growth of Vertically Aligned MoS2 thin films2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
61. Mr. Dinesh GuptaTHz Device Design for SiGe HBT under Sub-room Temperature to Cryogenic ConditionsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
62. Mr. Dibyajyoti MukherjeeFeasibility Study of Unified Micro-scale Magnetoelectric Transducer Platform for Wireless Implantable DevicesMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
63. Mr. Pritam YogiImpact of Hot Carrier Injection on Total Ionizing Dose Effect of 10-nm N-channel Bulk FinFETsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
64. Mr. Satyajit DasOptimization of Polystyrene copolymer based Interdigital Capacitive Sensor structure observing its response to limonoid of citrus fruitsBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
65. Ms. Narinder KaurSynthesis of In2S3 nanolayers by chemical vapor deposition for photoelectrochemical water splitting under visible light2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
66. Mr. Ravi Kumar MeenaStudy of Magnetoresistance in DC-magnetron Sputtered Bismuth thin films for Spintronic ApplicationsSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
67. Ms. ShwetaDesign and fabrication of Airbridge based passive elements for low-cost RF applicationsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
68. Mr. Ajay Kumar VisvkarmaEffect of In-homogeneities on Schottky barrier height & Richardson constant of Ni-AlGaN/GaN Schottky contactWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
69. Mr. Manu ShajiA Comparison between Ionic Liquid Gated and SiO2 Gated Zinc Tin Oxide Thin Film TransistorsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
70. Dr. Sagarika NayakRole of spin-glass like frustration on exchange bias effect in Fe/Ir20Mn80 and Ni50Mn50/Co40Fe40B20 bilayersSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
71. Mr. Achintya DuttaCompact Model Parameter Extraction Using Modular Q Learning for Nano-Scale TransistorsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
72. Ms. Debashrita MahanaSynthesis and CO gas sensing characteristics of CuO thin films prepared by vacuum evaporation method.WIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
73. Ms. Manisha KumariGrowth of sillenite phase of BiCoO3 using PLDWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
74. Ms. BHASWATI CHAKRABORTYGraphene-ZnO Nanorod Based Electrochemical Aptasensor for Cancer Biomarker DetectionBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
75. Mr. Vaibhav RanaPoly-Crystalline MoS2 thin Film based Low Cost Flexible SensorsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
76. Ms. CHANCHALGrowth of B - In2Se3 using pulsed laser deposition technique for photodetection application2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
77. Ms. Meenakashi PatwalSimulation studies for mode profile analysis in single mode high power asymmetric large optical cavity laser structurePHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
78. Ms. RESHMA S KUMARPerformance Evaluation of DG-MOSFETs and DG-TFETs with Ferroelectric insulation layerDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
79. Mr. Pushpendra GuptaSimultaneous observation of anti-damping and inverse spin Hall effect in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/Pt bilayers systemSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
80. Mr. Subhajit KarmakarPolarization-insensitive Fano resonant symmetric terahertz metacavityRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
81. Dr. Kumar Prasannajit PradhanCZTSe Kesterite Solar Cell: The Impact of Defects on Loss MechanismsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
82. Ms. Gunjan YadavInGaN/GaN quantum well based p-i-n light emitting diodeWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
83. Mr. John Wellington JLarge Area, Low Power Photodetector Based on MoSe2 Nanostructures on Flexible Substrates for SWIR Detection2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
84. Mr. S.RadhakrishnanDesign of Low Power and High Speed MAC based FIR Filter using Hybrid Adder and Modified Booth MultiplierDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
85. Ms. Nidhi DhullPaper based electrochemical biosensor for E. coli O157:H7 detectionBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
86. Ms. ChanchalEffect of Helium gas addition to SF6/O2 chemistry for SiC dry etching in AlGaN/GaN/SiC HEMTsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
87. Ms. Jagori RaychaudhuriStudy of Traps in AlGaN/GaN HEMT using temperature dependent S-parameter measurements for different layer structuresWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
88. Mr. Jayjit MukherjeePulsed-IV and drain current transient study of AlGaN/GaN HEMTsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
89. Mr. Brindaban OjhaThickness dependence study of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Pt/CoFeB bilayersSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
90. Mr. Sreejith A YExploring the hole selectivity of Cu2O:Cr/n-Si Schottky diodePHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
91. Mr. Kongbrailatpam Sandeep SharmaHigh Coupling Coefficient and High Q Switchable High Overtone Bulk Acoustic Resonator (HBAR) based on Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 FilmsRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
92. Mr. Shiva LamichhaneBFO/WO3 multilayered structures for energy storage applicationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
93. Mr. Prashant BishtPulsed laser deposition of two dimensional MoS2 and WS22D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
94. Ms. Premshila KumariSynthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles by Colloidal Route for Potential Application in ZnO/Si Heterojunction Solar CellsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
95. Mr. DEEPAK SHARMABroadband light harvesting via resonant plasmonic Ag nanospheres and anti-reflective Si nanopillar arrays for thin solar cells applicationsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
96. Mr. Shaktiranjan MohantyEffect of Ir spacer layer on perpendicular synthetic antiferromagnetic coupling in Co/Pt multilayersSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
97. Prof. Debanjan BhowmikOn-Chip Learning in Spintronics-Based Spiking Neural Network for Handwritten Digit RecognitionSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
98. Ms. Hasika SureshEvaluation of a miniaturised NIR spectrometer for estimating total curcuminoids in powdered turmeric samplesBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
99. Dr. Robin KhoslaDesign and Simulation of Capacitive Z-axis MEMS Accelerometers using SU-8, PolySi, Si3N4, and SiC-based structural materialsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
100. Dr. Sonalee KapoorTantalum based ohmic contacts to AlGaN/GaN HEMTSWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
101. Ms. Aakanksha MishraGeometrically Dependent Space Charge Modulation and Quasi-saturation Effect in Superjunction-LDMOSDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
102. Mr. TAHIR AHMADFirst principle study of structural, electronic and optical properties of Ca doped Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6DEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
103. Ms. MOUSUMI PRAMANIKGrowth of 2d MoS2 nanoflowers for photodetector applications2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
104. Mr. ARGHA DEEP PAULEffect of Substrate Temperature on Resistive Switching Characteristics of HfOx based Flexible ReRAM DevicesEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
105. Dr. Richa GoelPlasmon mediated GaN-InGaN Quantum well light emittersPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
106. Mrs. KRISHNAPRIYA T KCarbon Quantum Dots for Biosensors: An investigation on the optical propertiesBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
107. Mrs. Manika JhaNon-Small Cell Lung Cancer biomarker CYFRA 21-2 detection through Surface Plasmon Resonance based biosensorBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
108. Dr. Samriddhi Prabhakar RautInvestigation of Single Event Transients on Buffer-Free GaN-on-SiC HEMTWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
109. Ms. Baisali KunduProbing Morphology Dependent Photoresponse Characteristics of CdS/MoS2 Nanostructures2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
110. Ms. sarda sharmaNarrowing of bandgap with silver doping on TiO2 nanotubes arrays for electrochemical sensor applications.WIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
111. Ms. Pariksha MalikEnhanced Efficiency of Thin Film Silicon Solar Cell with Au/Ag Nanoparticle atop ARCPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
112. Mr. JOYDIP DEInfluence of Homeotropic Alignment in Achieving Highly Efficient Ambipolar Charge Transport in Discotic Liquid CrystalsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
113. Mr. SUSHIL KUMARFabrication of Freestanding Metallic MEMS Actuator for Minimal Stress-Induced Air-gap VariationsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
114. Mr. Kamalesh TripathyInfluence of two-dimensional Bending on Flexible Electronic Sensors for Bendable and Wearable ApplicationsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
115. Mr. Sarath AAn Accurate Inductor Model by Incorporating Negative Mutual Inductance Effect for High-Density SoCRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
116. Dr. Rupesh K. ChaubeyChallenges of die singulation in AlGaN/GaN HEMT technologyWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
117. Mr. Abhisek MishraInverse spin Hall effect in sputtered MoS2/CoFeB bilayersSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
119. Ms. Purbasha SharangiObservation of inverse spin Hall Effect at CoFeB/C60 interfaceFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
120. Ms. Garikapati NagasarvariSimulation of PDMS-silver nanowire-based stretchable sensorsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
121. Mr. Venkatarao SelamneniWS2 QD (n) decorated on SnS (p) as Localized Heterojunctions for Highly Responsive Flexible Broadband Photodetector2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
122. Mr. Suprovat GhoshOn-Chip High-Speed Integrated Slot Waveguide Based Electrically Tunable Graphene Terahertz ModulatorRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
123. Mr. Anil YadavPhotochemical synthesis of Ag nanoparticles over ZnO nanorods for optoelectronic applicationsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
124. Mrs. Abhilasha ChoukseyMonolayer graphene based THz modulator on Si/SiO2 substrate with large active area2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
125. Dr. Sankalp Kumar SinghAn effect of source/drain spacing in AlGaN/GaN HEMT on linearity to improve device reliabilityWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
126. Mr. AMIT KUMAR MAURAYACuO/SnO2 thin film-based CO gas sensors grown by vacuum evaporation and post oxidation process CuO/SnO2 thin film-based CO gas sensors grown by vacuum evaporation and post oxidation processWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
127. Dr. Rajesh SathiyanarayananEffective Work Function of HfO2/TiN/W Bi-metal System: Role of Barrier TiN LayerDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
128. Mr. SATISH KUMAR VERMASpring Softening and Damping Effects in Sub-micron Thin Internal High-k Dielectric MEMS ResonatorMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
129. Ms. Pinki DeviRole of Oxygen Vacancies in Indium Oxide Nanostructure for Enhancement of Photocatalytic ActivityPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
130. Mrs. Mansi AgrawalPlasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy grown GaN nanowires on Si (211) substrates for UV sensing applicationsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
131. Prof. Dhiman MallickTuning of Bistable Piezoelectric MEMS Energy Harvesters for Low Frequency, Low-G ApplicationsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
132. Mr. MAYANK DUBEYEffect of Sputtering Parameters on Molybdenum Back Contact for Chalcogenide Based Solar Cell ApplicationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
133. Dr. Henam Sylvia DeviInteraction of Glucose with CuO: Glucose sensing platformBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
134. Mr. Vanshaj SharmaOptimization of Transport Layer Thickness for Perovskite Solar Cells: An Optical AnalysisPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
135. Ms. JayshreeTemperature Optimization for Sol-gel Spray-coated SiO2 Film for P-type Cz Silicon Surface Passivation ApplicationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
136. Ms. Tanushree J.B. NathAssessment of optical properties of Metal Assisted Chemically Etched black silicon surface morphology in multi-crystalline cells and modules by ray-tracer simulationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
137. Mr. Rushi JaniA computational study on efficiency augmentation in formamidinium-lead-iodide perovskite solar cell with WS2 as electron transport layerDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
138. Mr. Prince Kumar SinghImpact of Temperature on DC and AC Characteristics of Stacked Oxide SiO2/HfO2 Cylindrical Gate Tunnel FETsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
139. Mr. Jani Babu ShaikDesign and Mathematical Modelling of Inter Spike Interval of Temporal Neuromorphic Encoder for Image RecognitionEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
140. Ms. NiharikaEffect of Actuation electrode design on RF Performance of RF MEMS shunt switchMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
141. Mr. Harsh BhattDesign of RF switch in SOI process for 5G applicationsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
142. Mr. Rameez Raja ShaikLinearity Behavior of a Pocket Doped p-type Ground Plane FDSOI: Impact of Back BiasingRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
143. Mr. Pradeep KumarMagnetic and optical tunable applications of sputtered deposited 2D MoS2 thin films.2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
144. Mr. L ChandrasekarModeling the Electrostatics of 2-Terminal Boron or Nitrogen Substitution Doped Metal-Insulator-Graphene (MIG) Structure2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
145. Mr. Shuvam PawarMagnetron sputtered Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy thin films for MEMS devices applications.MEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
146. Mr. Shubham PandeDevelopment of Low-Cost Silicon BJT Technology and ModelingDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
147. Mr. Purushothaman PHardware Implementation of Pyramidal Histogram of Oriented GradientsEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
148. Mr. Mohamed HusamDesign of Mobile application controlled Photovoltaic Seed Sowing and Drilling MachinePHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
149. Mr. ANKIT KUMAR PANDEYSubstrate Integrated Waveguide Step type Cavity Backed Slot Antenna for Dual-Frequency ApplicationsRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
150. Ms. Deepti SinghDevelopment of Remote Solar Power Management System for DC LoadPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
151. Mr. Alok Kumar SaxenaA Two Element SIW Cavity Backed Hexagonal Patch Antenna ArrayRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
152. Prof. Praveen C. Ramamurthy Hierarchical Structures of Thiophene and Pyrrole Derivatives for Optoelectric Application: Morphological advances (mail sent for poster) 2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
153. Mr. RISHABH SINGHHighly Stable Relaxation Oscillator Circuit for Ultra-Low Power ApplicationsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
154. Dr. Rohit SinghCrystallographic parameters and Ordering in MgZnO alloys: An ab-initio studyWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
155. Mr. BHARGHAV N CModelling of Temperature Variation Effects on the MemristanceEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
156. Mrs. Nayana RemeshOptimization of the position of the carbon doped layer to achieve 89 % channel recovery in AlGaN/GaN HEMT on SiWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
157. Mr. LALSINGH GUGULOTHOptical Properties Study of (PEDOT:PSS):Graphene Oxide Nano-compositePHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
159. Ms. GulafshanFast and Area Efficient Hybrid MTJ-CMOS Spintronic Approximate AdderSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
160. Mr. NANHE KUMAR GUPTAComparison between structural and electrical properties of Mn50Ga50 thin films post annealed under different Ar pressure atmosphereSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
161. Ms. Asha KumariAugmentation in frequency modulation properties of PDLCs by addition of ferroelectric nanoparticlesFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
162. Mr. Faizan Tariq BeighOptimized MEMS Circular Membrane Resonators for Mechanical Energy Harvesting and Sensing for IoT ApplicationMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
163. Dr. Ashish KumarWide band gap materials as thermoelectric materials for high temperature applicationsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
164. Mr. Neeraj GoelDetection of NO2 Gas Molecules Physio-Adsorbed on Large-Area MoSe2 Surface2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
165. Mr. Anuj KaushikNano-filamentary resistive switching and electrode engineering in MoS2 based memory devicesEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
166. Ms. Karuna Kumari Resistive Switching behavior and charge transport mechanism in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3-rGO nanocomposite systems EMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
167. Mr. Renjith SModeling the dynamics of switching in electrochemical metallization (ECM)-based memristorsEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
168. Ms. Sweta AgarwalSPICE Based Compact Modeling of a Spiral Inductor and MIM Capacitor for RF Circuit SimulationsRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
169. Ms. shaliniWetting and Dewetting Transition on Chemically Structured Surface for the Application in Droplet based Energy Harvesting: A Theoretical ApproachMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
170. Mr. Amit Kumar Insight into the mechanism of solvent-precursor coordination and their effect on perovskite thin-film crystallization: A balance between coordinating species PHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
171. Mr. Mohammad Shahid IdrishiMicroscopic study of gold induced low-temperature crystallization of SiFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
172. Ms. Adari Nikhila PranaviTowards the development of unified models for Memristors: Charge-Flux RelationshipsEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
173. Mr. Prabhans TiwariNb2O5 high permittivity dielectric enabled electric field engineering of B-Ga2O3 Schottky heterojunction diodesWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
174. Mr. Sushil KumarThermoelectric Transport in Noble Metals Monolayers: A First Principles Study2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
175. Mrs. AKSHAYAChemically Sprayed p-type CuS films -Characterization and Feasibility study on junction with n-Si for the development of solar cellPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
176. Dr. DHRUBOJYOTI ROYEnhanced non-volatile attribute of FeFET based Memory Device via tuning of ferroelectric microstructureEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
177. Mr. Kavish AgrawalSi vs. SiGe material- A comparative performance evaluation as pivotal material for nanoscaled MOS and CMOS devicesDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
178. Mr. Santosh V PatilInfluence of carrier mobility mismatch over the performance of heterojunction MAPbI3 based Perovskite solar cellPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
179. Mr. KACHO IMTIYAZ ALI KHANUltrafast nucleation of single and multiple antiferromagnetic skyrmions using in-plane spin polarized currentSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
180. Mrs. Kanika AroraHighly Flexible and Self-Powered Solar Blind Photodetector Based on Ga2O3 with Bottom Electrodes on Cost-Effective PaperWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
181. Dr. Aayesha Sabih AhmadDefect analysis of thin film CTGS based Solar Cells for performance optimizationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
182. Mr. Vinit YadavEffect of High-gradient Magnetic Field at Micro-scale for Microfluidic Magnetophoresis ApplicationsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
183. Mr. Dhairya Singh AryaEffect of Operational-Mode (PI & NPI) and Temperature (> 150 OC) on Hysteresis Voltage in Low-Power MEMS Logic RelaysMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
184. Mr. ASHOK KUMARNO2 Gas sensor based on MoS2 decorated with Carbon nanofibers2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
185. Ms. Neelu SharmaSynthesis of CVD-grown high quality uniform nanofilm of 2D material SnS2 for NO2 gas sensors2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
186. Dr. Mohd FarazDesign of flexible PVDF-MoS2-RGO nanogeneratorPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
187. Mr. Bhaskar RoyComprehensive Modeling of AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure based Gas Sensor: An Analytical ApproachDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
188. Mr. Rupesh MahoreA review on PZT based MEMS MicropumpsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
189. Ms. Namrata BansalInterfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Gr/NiFe/Ta system determined using Bragg MOKESPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
190. Dr. Aditya N. Roy ChoudhuryOn the Linearity and Parabolicity of the PIN Dark IV: the Effect of Series ResistancePHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
191. Ms. AKRITI SINGHCharacterization of Fe2NiO4 nanoparticles doped PDLC for applications in display technologyFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
192. Ms. MAMTASurface Morphology of Step Edge on MgO single crystal substrate for Josephson JunctionRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
193. Ms. Jinal Tapar Exceptional scattering in PT-symmetric GaInP nanoantenna metasurface PHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
194. Mr. Ningthoujam Somorjit SinghLarge area graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide sheets for high efficiency SERS application2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
195. Mr. Ravikiran LengareBilayer dielectrics enabled enhanced RESURF of -Ga2O3 trench Schottky barrier diodesWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
196. Mr. Rijo BabyProcess issues and passivation effects in large-periphery 5 A, 100 V AlGaN/GaN HEMT on siliconWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
197. Mr. Mohan John RexThickness dependent interfacial spin orbit torques in Pt/NiFe bilayersSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
199. Dr. Surbhi SharmaThree-dimensional Hierarchical PANI/Bi2S3 Nanocomposite as efficient Photoanode for Visible light induced Photoelectrochemical Water SplittingPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
200. Mr. Rajiv Ranjan ThakurPerformance Analysis of GaN and ZnO Gate All Around Nanowire FET at sub-5nm TechnologyWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
201. Ms. Sajal ShradhaA study of piezoelectric response of MoS2-PVDF nanocomposites prepared with polyaniline interlinker2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
202. Mr. SOURAV PANEfficacy of near IR plasmonic of Au NRsPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
203. Dr. Kishore Kumar MadapuExploration of 2D plasmon nature of InN nanostructures and its SERS activityPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
204. Ms. Saima CherukatComparative study of the diffused layer formed using screen-printed phosphorus dopant paste and POCl3 source for silicon solar cellsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
205. Dr. Brajendra S. SengarNumerical simulation of high-efficient perovskite based solar cellsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
206. Dr. G. DurgaHeavy-ion irradiation study in SiNT FET inverter chain using 3D-TCAD simulationDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
207. Dr. Monika SharmaEffect of Interface Charges on InGaN and InGaAs Based Dopingless TFET and its Circuit AnalysisDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
208. Mr. MOOLI SHASHANK REDDYDouble-Gate NCFET: A new approach to achieve low sub-threshold slopeDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
209. Ms. Bhawna Tiwari Low-Voltage Timing Signal Generation with IGZO TFTs to Implement Sensing Systems Using Flexible Electronics FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
210. Dr. Khadija Kanwal KhanumStudy of Various Electrospinning Parameters on Nanofibers Morphology for Flexible DevicesFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
211. Mrs. Supriya YadavInvestigation on texture of paper substrate material for flexible microfluidic device technologyFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
212. Mr. Md Samim RezaGrowth of two-dimensional high-quality large edge length WS22D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
213. Dr. Rajkumar MandalModeling of Normally-off AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMT for biosensor applications: Role of molar fraction on the sensing performanceBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
214. Ms.Namratha ShettyModelling and Analysis of Far field intensity on Organic light emitting Diode to reduce surface plasmon lossesPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
215. Mr. Ankur SaxenaIntegration Pressure Sensing Mechanism in Microchannel for Microfluidic ApplicationMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
216. Ms. SHALU RANIFabrication of Binder-free TiO2 Nanoparticle Electrodes for Supercapacitor in Low-Power Electronic ApplicationsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
217. Mrs. Preeti kumariSCAPS Modelling of Solar Cells: Deploying a back surface field SnS layer for performance upgradationDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
218. Ms .Megha MEffect of Nanocone Anti reflective Coatings on Organic light emitting Diode to enhance light extraction efficiencyDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
219. Ms. Pankhuri GuptaObservation of spin backflow in IrMn based trilayer structuresSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
220. Mr. Mahesh KumarLevitation of Red Blood Cells in Microchannel for Microfluidic MEMS Device ApplicationMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
221. Ms. T.BHARGAVISilver nanowire based flexible and transparent wearable heatersFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
222. Mr. Ram Singh YadavDependence of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy on Fe content in Ta/CoxFe80-xB20/MgO hetrostructuresSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
223. Mr. Prashant KumarSemiconductor Band-gap grading of Buffer layer for performance optimization of thin film Solar cellsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
224. Mr. Choudhury Abinash BhuyanLarge-area single layer MoS2 flexible photodetector2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
225. Mr. Vivek DeyStability of all-inorganic CsPbI3 lead halide perovskites by partial substitution of leadPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
226. Ms. RekhaA sub-terahertz spin Hall nano-oscillator using synthetic antiferromagnetRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
227. Dr. ARABINDA BARMANImpurity Induced Defect Assisted Resistive Switching in Ta2O5 Based Memory DevicesEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
228. Mr. AVINASH CHAURASIYAFlexible Artificial Multiferroic Composite based Magnetoelectric SystemsSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
229. Ms. Kritika BhattacharyaNanoantenna as low-cost optical polarization sensor for remote sensingPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
230. Mrs. V VijayalakshmiModeling and experimental analysis of Nanogenerator using spin coating techniques for energy harvesting applicationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
231. Mr. Maruti ZalteLow-cost Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor using Solution Processed a-InGaZnO Thin-film TransistorWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
232. Mr. Saurabh PareekImpact of graphitic carbon nitride quantum dots as additive on the optical and photovoltaic performance of bulk heterojunction solar cellsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
233. Mr. Punit SharmaIron Pyrite (FeS2) Nanomaterial: A Highly Absorbing Material for Hybrid Photovoltaic ApplicationsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
234. Dr. Marsha M. ParmarFabrication and Characterization of InAs/AlSb based Magnetic Hall SensorsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
235. Mr. ANAND KUMAR SINGHMolecular doping of TiO2 nanoparticles coated CVD graphene by nitric acid2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
236. Mr. Abhinav Pratap SinghFabrication and characterization Ag/PCDTBT/ZnO Qd/ITO p-n junction based PhotodetectorWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
237. Ms. Subhasmita KarElectronic and magnetic phase designing in monolayer Cr2Ge2Se62D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
238. Dr. Soumya Jyoti RayTuning and control of the magnetic properties of a 2D nanomagnet2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
239. Dr. Pravin VaityPolarization-independent excitation of quasi-bound state in the continuum in symmetric metasurfacePHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
240. Ms. Puja KumariHigh magnetoresistance and perfect spin filtering effect in magnetic phosphorene2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
241. Mr. MANIKANDAN NReliable Approximate On-chip Memory for Image Processing ApplicationsEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
242. Ms. Esita PandeyStrain Engineered Domain Structure and its Relaxation in a Perpendicularly Magnetized Co/Pt Deposited on Flexible PolyimideFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
243. Mr. Rajinder Singh DeolElectrodeposition of amorphous silicon at room temperature on flexible substratesFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
244. Mr. ABHISHEK GHOSHEnhancement of thermoelectric power factor in antimony telluride thin film embedded with size selected gold nanoparticles by minority carrier filtering effectPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
245. Mr. Akhil K NairPredicting the material properties using a simplified machine learning modelDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
246. Mr. Joel ZachariasNovel Polymer MEMS Capacitive Hydrogen sensor with Palladium Ring on Membrane-Mass architectureMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
247. Ms. Shivani RaniGraphene and hexagonal boron nitride based nanoelectronic biosensorDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
248. Mr. SAJEESH V GDevelopment of indium and aluminium doped zinc oxide thin films by low cost spray coating technique for NIR plasmonic applicationsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
249. Dr. Shereena JosephGrating coupled Surface Plasmon Senor with large penetration lengthPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
250. Mr. Shantanu MajumderProximity induced spin-orbit torque on a two-dimensional van der waals heterostructure2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
251. Ms. Riya WadhwaHighly sensitive, MoS2/ReS2 heterostructure with self-driven broadband photodetection2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
252. Ms. Raeann Jesma R.Three-axis Piezoresistive MEMS Accelerometer with Extended Twin Mass StructureMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
253. Ms. SNEHA MA single cotton fiber Organic Electrochemical Transistor(OECT) for monitoring of drought stress and salinity stress in crop plantsBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
254. Ms. Niharika GuptaCarbon nanomaterial-based conductive ink for flexible, biosensing papertronic devices: An optimization studyFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
255. Dr. Shipra SolankiPolyaniline hydrogel for the fabrication highly sensitive self powered glucose biosensorBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
256. Ms. JAGRITI AHUJAGa-In Alloy based Nanoparticles for Deep UV PlasmonicsPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
257. Ms. Anulekha DeMagnonics in a Quasiperiodic Lattice with Complex BasisSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
258. Mr. RAHUL NARASIMHAN ARUNAGIRINATHANWrite-once-read-many memory realized using an interfacial dipole in a bulk-heterojunction organic memoryEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
259. Ms. sobia waheedIdentifying Key Limiting Factors for Ultrasonic Spray Deposited Scalable Organic Solar CellPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
260. Mrs. Sneha SinhaInterlayer coupling behavior of MoS2 thin films grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition method2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
List of Paper Accepted for Oral presentation
S.No. Author
Title of Paper Name of Symposia
1. Dr. Jyoti JaiswalVertically aligned edge-oriented MoS2 hybrid thin films decorated with Pd nanoparticles for room temperature hydrogen sensor2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
2. Mr. SAHIN SORIFIHigh-Temperature Performance of a GaSe Nanosheet-Based Broadband Photodetector2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
3. Ms. Indu BalaLiquid Crystalline Materials in Organic (Opto)-electronicsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
4. Mr. Naveen BokkaFabrication of Few Layer SnS2 Based Flexible Pressure and Strain Sensor and Understanding the Transduction through First Principles Calculations2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
5. Ms. Monalisha PMagnetic and transport properties of semiconducting Cobalt ferrite thin film for flexible SpintronicsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
6. Mr. Sankalp K GDoping induced band tunable mixed dimensional p-NiS/n-MoS2xSe2(1-x) van der Waals heterostructure as enhanced flexible photodetector2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
7. Mr. Ankit RaoModelling and Experimental Evidence of the Effect of Concentration Gradients on the Surface Processes during CVD Growth of MoS22D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
8. Mr. Sameer Kumar MallikAn approach towards effective reduction of hysteresis in monolayer MoS2 field-effect transistor2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
9. Ms Kusuma Urs MBMulti-component (AgAuCuPdPt) alloy nanoparticle-decorated p-type 2D-molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) for enhanced hydrogen sensing2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
10. Dr Vinayak KambleProtonic Titanate Nanotubes Composite with Reduced Graphene Oxide for Improved Response Time of Diffusion-Limited Hydrogen Sensors2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
11. Dr. Suryasnata TripathyPolyaniline Nanofibers as Chemiresistive Transducers: Seeded Synthesis, Characterization and DNA SensingBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
12. Dr. Amruta Ranjan BeheraDetection of spent turmeric adulteration in powdered Curcuma longa using Vis-NIR spectroscopy and machine learningBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
13. Ms. SHINE AUGUSTINEHighly sensitive transition metal oxide nanohybrid based conductive platform for cancer detectionBIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS
14. Prof. Albert ChinUnipolar CMOS-Like LogicDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
15. Ms. Shraddha PaliOptimization of Drain Extended MOS devices for reliability in high switching applicationsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
16. Dr. Manoj KumarEffect of Self-Heating on Linearity of Novel Junctionless Accumulation Mode Negative Capacitance FinFETDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
17. Mr. SANKATALI VENKATESWARLUDevice SHEs in the Presence of Non-equilibrium Channel Heat Transport in SOI and SOD FinFETs with Technology ScalingDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
18. Ms. Aarti RathiModeling of 0.18m RF Bulk and SOI Planar MOSFETs using Industry Standard BSIM ModelsDEVICE MODELLING AND SIMULATION
20. Mr. Sanjay KumarAnalytical Modelling of Y2O3-based Memristive System for Artificial Neuron ApplicationsEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
21. Dr. ANJAN KUMAR JENAEffects of Magnetic Field on Resistive Switching in Multiferroic based Ag/BiFeO3/FTO RRAM DeviceEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
22. Mr. Anish M BhargavPreliminary studies of VN thin films for its utility towards single photon metrologyPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
23. Mr. Pankaj PathakUltralow Energy Straintronic Memory using Strain-induced Magnetization Switching in FeGaB Elliptical NanomagnetsEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
24. Mr. Krishnendu SamantaDesigning Hexagonal Array of Gradient Pitch Helix Structure using Multiple Beam Interference for Broadband Light TrappingPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
25. Mr. Rajesh DebPolarity independent resistive switching in MoS2 nanosheets and PEO based nanocomposite filmsEMERGING LOGIC, MEMORIES AND NEUROMORPHIC DEVICES
26. Dr. Ratul Kumar BaruahModeling of Delamination and Interfacial Stress in a Printed Flexible Electronic DeviceFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
27. Mr. Suman MandalLow power consuming high-performance flexible organic field-effect transistor for humidity sensing applicationsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
28. Ms. Yogita MaithaniA highly flexible and conductive AgNRs embedded PDMS electrodeFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
29. Mr. Jibin J SamuelDiketopyrrolopyrrole based polymers for n-type organic electrochemical transistorsFLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS AND ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS
30. Dr. Yashpal Singh KatharriaWafer-level electrical and optical probing of GaN based light-emitting diodes using circular transmission line modelWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
31. Mr. Vikram maharshiContact Study of MEMS High g Impact SensorMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
32. Mr. Kaustav RoyAn experimental study of the acoustic field of a single-cell piezoelectric micromachined ultrasound transducer (PMUT)MEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
33. Mr. Nadeem Tariq BeighHighly Efficient Parametrically Forced MEMS Mechanical Energy Harvesters for Wideband ApplicationsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
34. Mr. MANU GARGHighly Sensitive Polymer Micro-Mesh for Measurement of Vacuum In-Packaged MEMS DevicesMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
35. Mrs. Megha AgrawalStudy on Triple Stack Anodic Bonding Process for MEMS ApplicationsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
36. Mr. Harsha SElectrochemical deposition and Characterization of Copper Pillar Bumps - Application towards flip chip bondingMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
37. Ms. SHRUTI PATHAKDesigning of 3-D Printed Quadrupole Mass SpectrometerMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
38. Mr. Sumit SahaFabrication of CMOS Compatible 2-terminal NEMS for Low Power ApplicationsMEMS/NEMS AND MICROFLUIDICS
39. Dr. Surbhi GuptaSPR Integrated Electro-Optic Properties in SBN75 Thin FilmsPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
40. Mr. Sumit SharmaPlatinum Diselenide thin-film based Field Effect Transistor for Ammonia Detection2D MATERIALS AND DEVICES
41. Mr. Vipul PandeyOptimizing the Quality Factor for the Metal-Assisted Guided Mode Resonance Based Two-Dimensional Structures Through Fill-Factor ModulationPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
42. Ms. SOUMYA KEffect of RF power on structural, electrical, optical properties and surface plasmon resonance of sputtered AZO thin films.PHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
43. Mr. Binaya Kumar SahuPlasmonics of Ag network for trace detection and manipulation of metal oxide IR modesPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
44. Mr. Ramesh Babu YathirajulaFabrication and Development of High Performance Double layer HTL based Perovskite Light Emitting DiodesPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
45. Mr. Praveen KumarGeneration of singular beams using electrically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulatorPHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
46. Mr. KAMAL LOHANIEffect of Ni/Au and Pd/Au p-contacts on optical performance of InGaN/GaN MQW edge emitting laser diodePHOTONICS AND PLASMONICS
47. Dr. Ashok Kumar SharmaTroubleshooting the efficiency variation in PERC silicon solar cell pilot production line using advanced imaging characterization techniquesPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
48. Dr. Ankur SolankiHeavy Water: Solvent additive to enhance efficiency in perovskite solar cellsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
49. Ms. VANDANAEffect of oxygen partial pressure on the energy storage performance of ferroelectric PNZT thin film capacitorsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
50. Ms. Shiwani PareekCorrelation between glass thermal properties and resistive losses during Si solar cell metallizationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
51. Ms. Kumudini GModeling of Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells: A TCAD-based ApproachPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
52. Ms. Ancy Sosa GeorgeDesign of Photovoltaic Membrane Desalination and Monitoring SystemPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
53. Mr. Soumya Ranjan PandaSiGe HBT Device Characterization up-to 500 GHz: Procedure and Layout Improvement of Calibration StandardsRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
54. Mr. DARPAN BHALANIActive and passive control of terahertz wave in VO2 embedded Meta material structureRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
55. Prof. Ranjan SinghTowards 6G communications with on-chip terahertz topological photonicsRF, MICROWAVE AND TERAHERTZ DEVICES
56. Dr. Braj Bhusan SinghSpin to charge conversion with topological insulators and antiferromagneticsSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
57. Mr. Hurmal SarenEffect of skyrmion phase in the electronic fluctuations of Pt/Co/Al based multilayered thin film sampleSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
58. Mr. Utkarsh ShashankHigh charge-to-spin interconversion in Sulphur implanted PlatinumSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
59. Dr. Akash KumarUnderstanding the mechanism of current-induced spin-orbit torques in Py/Ta heterostructuresSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
60. Dr. Joynarayan MukherjeeChiral anomaly induced negative magnetoresistance in a non-collinear antiferromagnetic thin filmsSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
61. Mr. Surya Narayan PandaUltrafast Detection of Interfacial Spin Transparency in CoFeB/B-Ta Thin Film Heterostructures by Pure Spin Current TransportSPINTRONIC DEVICES FOR MEMORY AND COMPUTING
62. Ms. Jaya LohaniUnintentional Ga incorporation in InAlN/GaN heterostructureWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
63. Ms. Anisha KalraMicrostructure-Defect-Device Performance Correlation for Solar-blind Self-powered Al0.45Ga0.55N Schottky Photodetectors on SapphireWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
64. Mr. Bhuvnesh KushwahUltrathin Native Oxide by Barrier Layer Oxidation as Gate Dielectric for AlInN/GaN MIS-HEMTsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
65. Dr. N. MANIKANTHABABUExploring current conduction mechanisms in 6 MeV Si3+ ion irradiated Au/SiO2/B-Ga2O3 metal-oxide-semiconductor devicesWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
66. Mr. Bhera Ram TakInvestigation of Deep Level Traps Responsible for Persistent Photocurrent in Pulsed Laser Deposited B-Ga2O3 Thin FilmsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
67. Dr. Sheetal DewanUV photodetection studies on ZnO based quantum well photodetectorsWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
68. Dr. TEJAS R. NAIKa-InGaZnO Thin-film Transistor as an Oxygen Gas Sensor with In-Situ Electrical CharacterizationWIDE BAND-GAP SEMICONDUCTORS, DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS
69. Mr. Anil KumarEffect of different Annealing methods on the Performance Parameters of PEDOT:PSS/n-Si Solar CellsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
70. Ms. AVRITTI SRIVASTAVAMicro-inverted Pyramids based Silicon Surface by Cu Assisted Etching for Effective Light Harvesting and Solar Cell ApplicationsPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
71. Mr. Suren PatwardhanPerformance Evaluation of Hole-Selective and Passivating MoOx layers on Si: A Comparative Study of ALD and EvaporationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
72. Mr. HUIDROM HEMOJIT SINGHRole of the polarization state on the performance of PVDF-ZnO based triboelectric nanogeneratorPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING
73. Ms. Jyoti SinhaPassivation of silicon interface with ultrathin current tunneling SiO2 layer using rapid thermal oxidationPHOTOVOLTAICS AND ENERGY HARVESTING